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Rodrigo Amandi

Rodrigo Amandi brings to Granito & Partners ten years of experience in the field of sustainable investing. Over the past three and a half years, Rodrigo has been advising asset managers, corporates and non-for-profit organizations on sustainable investing in his role as Managing Partner of Contrast Capital, an independent asset advisory firm located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Prior to joining Contrast Capital, he was Managing Director of SAM Indexes, which together with S&P Dow Jones Indexes, publishes and markets the Dow Jones Sustainability family of indexes (DJSI), the first and most reputable benchmarks in the field of sustainable investing.

He joined SAM Asset Management (recently rebranded as RobecoSAM) in 2006 as an equity analyst responsible for the chemical, building material and construction sectors. In his role, he led the development of RobecoSAM’s theme equity strategies in the field of resource scarcity, renewable energy and energy efficiency (RobecoSAM Smart Materials, RobecoSAM Smart Energy). In addition, he was responsible for the analysis and development of sustainability factors that have an impact on companies’ financial returns.

Rodrigo holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham and a master degree in chemistry from the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid.